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The Story Of Mac FM ....

Ok, so I wasn't always a good boy !! (suprise suprise) though who is or was ...
Founded By Myself And Tony Britten , Who Is Sadly No Longer With Us,
Mac FM Was A Pirate Radio Station In Mansfield , Nottinghamshire (UK)
We Started Broadcasting In Febuary Of 98 And Was Shutdown "Busted" In November 98.

What 1st Started Out As A Small Test Using A 4 Watt Transmitter and A Phone Box For
Receiving Calls Soon Grew Into A Bigger Station With Stronger Equipment And Mobiles.
We Had Lots Of Laughs On The Way, Especially Running To A PhoneBox Wearing Funny
Wigs And Dark Glassed To Get Calls For The Station.

We Broadcasted Dance And Techno Music , Live Mixed (Badly) By Us , In & Around Mansfield
Each Saturday & Sunday Evenings. We Had A Good Audiance With Live Phone Ins & Requests
And Most Nights Were Just A Party Night, Usually Ending Up With Us Being Slightly Worse For Wear !
But Alas The Fun Ended When We Were Raided By The Then 'DTI' And Finally Closed Down...
But You Cant Keep A Good Station Down And We Did A Farewell One Off Special Using Makeshift Equipment
Weeks After We Were Raided, Using Stealth Methods, (We Were Sober)
Sadly All Of Our Main Equipment Was Convesgated, And I Was Fined & Probation.

We Wern't A Big Station Or Professional In Any Way But We Did Have Lots Of
Listeners, And Callers Regularly & Had Lots Of Fun And Even Had A
Few Free Nights Out Curtesy Of The Odd Organiser For A Few Shoutouts!
We Managed To Reach As Far As Nottingham (16 Miles Away) With Our Signal
And We Had Callers From All Over The Area Asking For Requests, Shouts & To Say Hi.

Actual footage taken from BBC East Midlands News broadcast from outside Mansfield Magistrates Court

Various Other Friends Helped Out With The Station From Time To Time - DJ Woody , Mel , Jonno , Dale
It Was Fun Why It Lasted...
The Station Even Made It Onto The BBC TV News and In Various Newspapers In The UK When We Were Shut Down.

Was It Worth It... Oh Yes.. Great Memories, Fun Times, But Things Change And Radio Isnt What It Used To Be.
All In All , It Was A Great Laugh, Although A Costly One At That,
But We Learned A Valuable & Expensive Lesson .. "Trust No One!"

We Used A 50Watt Transmitter And A QuaterWave Dipole Antenna (home-made) Mounted Vertically
2*CDPlayers & 2 Record Decks, Mixer, Amp & Mike. & lots of Vinyl Albums Which Were Classics.

Sadly in 2017 The Founding Member 'Tony Britten' Passed Away, Tony Was The Brains Behind The Station
And Will Always Be Remembered By His Friends For His Time On The Pirate Radio As Is Always Talked About
In Fond Memories By Everyone Who Knew Him. He Is Sadly Missed But Is Forever My Friend And Partner In Crime.

Even After The Station Closed Down We Always Kept Active On Various Radio Related Projects, Wether It Be
Scanning Or Amateur, As Tony Went Into The Amteur Radio Side And Gained His Licience M3MFM (MFM = MacFM)
After Tony Passed I Decided It Was Time For Me To Take Up The Licience And Become All Legal And I Am Now Also
Fully Licienced Radio Amateur Which I Enjoy.

It Was Rumoured MacFM Made A Short Comeback In 2017 In Memory Of Tony , I Cannot Admit Or Deny This..
It Was Also Rumoured The Official Mansfield Radio Was Repeatidly Hijacked Whilst Broadcasting
And A Certain Song Was Played Over The Station, Which Just Happened To Be A Signature Joke Song Of MacFM
-The Winkers Song By Ivvor Biggun -
This Created Allot Of Amusement In And Around Mansfield, Even Making It Into Lots Of National Newspapers
And Talked About On A Radio 4 Program As Well As Websites..
More Information Can Be Found If You Simply Google The Words
More Information Can Be Found If You Simply Google The Words - Mansfield Radio Hyjack - - Mansfield Radio Hyjack -
Once Again.. I Cannot Verify Or Deny I New Anything ABout This Or Had Anything To Do With This..

For MacFM , The Pirate Days Are Over.. As Much Fun As It Was And The Memories It Gave It Was A Blast..

A Big Shout Out To All Our Old Listeners, Who Are All Probably Old Now !
All The Callers Asking For Requests, Without You lot It Wouldnt Of Been As Much Fun..
Glad To Hear Allot Of People Still Remember Us , With Fond Memories..

Big Shouts To Any Other Pirate Radio Stations Out There,
Keep Up The Vibes n Dont Get Caught!


Article taken from Mansfield Chad Newspaper

Old MacFm Poster
Tony Bein Incognito , 98
An Old Poster We Used To Put In The Old Phone Box's
Tony And Me During A Broadcast In 98


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